Janine Cabrini

Executive Chef



Chef Janine Cabrini was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica where her first encounters with food occurred on the farm and vast lush green lands of her family’s property. An ordinary day of her childhood consisted of being awakened by the crowing of roosters, chores included tending the chicken coop grabbing fresh eggs still warm to the touch. She accompanied her Grandfather tending to their pastures and livestock, holding the pale as he milked the cows, visiting the market to grab necessities, and assisted in the choice of fresh catch being sold by the fisherman door to door. Furthermore, she stood by her Grandmother's side as she skillfully maintained the progression of meal preparation in the kitchen assisting in tasks such as kneading dough, stirring the pot, and most importantly, the role of taste tester. 

Her relationship with food developed under the mentorship of her Mother in America, who was a frequent cook for her community in different aspects for copious amounts of people, by the hundreds, almost on a monthly consistency. The responsibilities matured to completing the shopping and returning with correct change of course, taking part in the mis en place and filling in as her line cook. Overtime, a high school teacher observed and sought out for Janine to recognize her passion and follow through, resulting in her obtaining Bachelors of Hospitality Management with an area of focus in French Culinary Arts, including completion of an Italian cuisine externship at Andrew Tarlow's restaurant, Roman's. With professional knowledge and culinary experiences such as working under The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, Chef Janine Cabrini officially commenced her premier culinary services entity in 2014, Janine Cabrini & Co. Years later, those efforts have grown immensely and continues to bloom bringing forth new sectors under the umbrella of culinary.